Massage Treatments

  • Aroma Massage “Classic” 50 min.

You will receive aromatherapy during this enchanted health massage, which will uplift your spirit and soothe your body. Certain fragrance combinations have calming or energizing effects. You get to make the decision! At Pure Spa, discover harmony and partake in the ancestral scent healing. 

  • Herbal Stamp Oriental Massage 50 min.

Herbal Stamp Oriental Massage can reduce pain, rid your body of pollutants, and open up your energy pathways. It is a harmonious fusion of ancient Egyptian therapeutic herbs with a traditional massage. 

  • Oriental Massage 50 min.

Experience Oriental massage and indulge in the healing knowledge used for thousands and thousands of years. This deep tissue massage with stretching movements allows deeper pressure on trigger points that will release the tension in your body. Get rid of muscle pain and stiffness now.

  • Four Hands Massage 45 min.

Give yourself over to complete bliss as two licensed massage therapists enhance your massage experience with coordinated motions. You will release all tension with this exceptional full-body massage. 

  • Relaxing “Anti-Stress” Massage 50 min.

This relaxing massage combines components of many massage techniques and is customized to meet your specific needs. It will reduce tension, invigorate your body, and lower your stress level, working up from the feet to the shoulders, neck, and head.

  • Slimming Massage 50 min.

The treatment starts with a sauna, followed by a firm massage using special anti-cellulite products. Concentrated on the glutes, thighs, calves, arms, and stomach, this treatment stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation and breaks down the undesired cellulite cells. 

  • Wellness Massage 75 min.

Enjoy total relaxation with a wellness massage with your preferred scented oil. A great head, neck, and facial massage is included in the treatment, along with pressure points throughout your entire body. To complete the experience, a face mask will be enjoyed by you.

  • Egyptian Foot Reflexology 25 min.

Since the time of Cleopatra and ancient Egypt, reflexology has had an interesting history. The reflex points are an exact mirror of the human body and include reflexes for every organ, gland, and body part.

  • Hot Stone Therapy 50 min.

Discover traditional holistic massage techniques from Bali. This incredible full-body massage is performed using hot basalt stones, which not only give physical relaxation but also bring back harmony to the soul. 

  • Shiatsu Massage 50 min.

This treatment is performed without using oils, while the patient lies on a floor mat. Rhythmic pressure restores a healthy flow of “ki” energy and corrects imbalances in the body. Kindly dress comfortably. 

  • Traditional Thai Massage 50 min. 

A 2500-year-old Asian massage technique in which the practitioner applies pressure and light stretching on your energy lines to improve flexibility, balance your body, release blockages, and distribute energy. The patient lies on a floor mat and receives this therapy without the use of oil. Kindly dress comfortably. 

  • Nuad-Thai-Yoga Massage 75 min.

Acupressure and passive yoga are combined in the Thai Yoga Massage. The therapist does passive yoga poses on you while applying equal pressure to all areas of the body along the energy pathways. Kindly dress comfortably.

  • Thai Foot Reflexology 50 min

Our feet are a reflection of our health and carry us through life. A reflex zone massage for the feet stimulates the body's natural healing processes and alleviates a variety of health issues.

Abhyanga Massage 50 min.

Abhyanga is a wonderful way of reviving and harmonizing body and mind. The whole body is massaged with warm sesame oil, making the skin firm and smooth.

  • Indian Bliss 80 min.

Ayurveda is timeless – it has existed for over 5000 years, yet it continues to apply to modern-day life. This rhythmical and deeply relaxing warm oil rejuvenating massage is great for everyone in need of de-stressing. Your nerves are soothed as you drift into a state of bliss. 

  • Aftersun Treatment 20 min.

While the summer sun offers certain advantages, it can also pose a health risk. If left untreated, sunburn can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Calamyl lotion works wonders for sunburn treatment and pain relief. 

  • Harmonious Children Massage 50 min.

Kids also desire to be pampered! Children up to the age of twelve are intended for harmonious children's massage. This amazing massage increases body awareness, sharpens focus, and promotes restful sleep. The kids feel content and at ease thereafter. 

  • Lomi Lomi for Kids 25 min.

A Hawaiian massage that is designed to release tension. Even the youngest guests can unwind with this delightful, gentle massage.

  • Peaceful Journey 100 min.

A specially designed therapy to unwind your body and mind. The treatment begins with a foam scrub, then moves on to a salt scrub (coconut or peach), a full-body mud mask, and, finally, your choice of a soothing full-body massage.