Body Treatments

  • Shahrazad and Shahryar 120 min.
A comprehensive relaxation regimen that benefits your body, mind, and soul! Ideal for best friends, couples, or honeymooners, our private massage room has a Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room in a romantic setting, while indulging in a chocolate mask, a wellness massage, and a full-body coconut scrub. 

  • Oriental Harmony for Two 120 min.
Enjoy a luxury bath with the sound of relaxing oriental music. Breathe deeply during a treatment that starts with a steam and a full-body mask. Pamper your skin with a gentle scrub, and allow yourself to immerse in complete bliss during a 60-minute relaxing, anti-stress massage. 

  • Oriental Sweet and Soft 80 min.
Simple unforgettable sensory experience from head to toe. For her, a vanilla scrub and a full-body Egyptian massage. For Him, a peach scrub and a full-body Egyptian massage.

  • Ancient Egyptian Ceremony

Inspired by ancient beauty secrets, this treatment helps to detoxify the body and reveal your inner beauty. It comprises a bath ritual and an Egyptian massage with foot reflex.  

  • Chocolate Magic 80 min.  
Treat yourself to the sweetest of experiences. A wonderful fusion of touch, taste, and smell. Full-body chocolate scrub or chocolate mask, followed by an anti-stress massage with chocolate oil. 

  • Asian Adveture 100 min. 
An intensive relaxation program for your body, spirit, and soul! Attain natural equilibrium with selected holistic treatments, with a refreshing body scrub and an Abhyanga massage. 

  • Aphrodite Touch of Beauty 80 min.
Simply unforgettable sensual experience from head to toe! An exotic coconut milk scrub and a full-body aromatic massage.

  • Slimming Waves 80 min. 
This special treatment begins with a sauna, then moves into a complete body scrub with lemon and orange peels and an anti-cellulite massage that targets your legs, hips, stomach, and upper arms while boosting blood flow and lymphatic system. This combined massage therapy causes fat cells to burst and speeds up the burning process. A customized full-body wrap completes the procedure.

  • Rhassoul Bath for Two 30 min.
Combining a steam bath, body scrub, and clay mask, the oriental Rhassoul Bath ritual gently moisturizes the skin while stimulating blood circulation. Imagine that you and your best friends or partner are smearing each other with mud, then rinsing the clay off with a shower to reveal smooth, clean, and soft skin. 

Hammam Rituals 
  • Arabian Hammam 50 / 80 min.
Enjoy this cleansing process using ancient Egyptian products and forget about regular life. A natural clay mask promotes skin mineralization and aids in body detoxification. Warming up muscles with a steam bath is an ideal way to prepare for a massage. To complete the treatment and leave your skin feeling clean and renewed, special Egyptian herbs are rubbed into your skin.

  • Turkish Hammam 50 / 80 min.
This traditional cleansing, purifying, and nourishing treatment has evolved over thousands of years. Whilst you’re lying down on a heated marble, the therapist exfoliates your body with soap, scrub, and foam.