Massage Treatments

  • Classic Massage 50 min.

  • Deep Tissue Massage- solves the problem of muscular and joint tension.
  • Swedish Massage- the most frequently used form of medium-pressure relaxing massage.
  • Aromatherapy Massage- removes toxins and provides physical and mental well-being.

  • Holistic Treatments 50-80 min.
  • Thai Temple Oil Foot And Leg Massage- Nuad Tao-activates the reflex zones of the feet, which leads to harmony of body and mind.
  • Lomi Lomi- traditional Hawaiian massage that releases energy blockades by rhythmic „ocean waves“ fluid motions.
  • Hot Stone Massage –warm volcanic stones during massage eliminates muscle pain.
  • Herbal Compress-warm exotic herbs incorporate in aromatic oil massage boosts the immune system, helps with respiratory issues, insomnia and anxiety.

  • Body Scrubs

Exfoliation allows the skin to regenerate. After opening the pores in the steam and sauna you can choose coffee, sweet coconut or sea salt scrub. 
  • Mystical Oriental Hammam- your body is doused with warm water in relaxing, cleansing foam than followed by a 50 min. full body massage.
  • Traditional Othmany Hammam-  purifies your skin with soap from black seeds and loofah and releases all kinds of tension. Followed by 50 min. full body massage.

  • Signature Treatments 90 min.
  • Cleopatra Ritual- includes steam, sauna, and jacuzzi in a program consisting of full-body coconut scrub, honey-milk face mask, and full-body massage.
  • Goddess Isis Temple Massage- is performed with soothing movements in specifies areas, following the meridians in our body, brings deep relaxation and serene state of being.
  • Oriental Ceremony- is a retreat that starts with steam and sauna, warm body wrap with cinnamon and ginger, followed by a 50 min. full body massage.
    Helps to reduce cellulite and in weight loss regimen. 
  • Isis and Osiris Retreat- is the ultimate couple treatment ( 150 min. ). Starts with the steam and sauna, full-body scrub with a rose flower in orange oil, face mask, milk and honey body wrap, jacuzzi with a drink for couples, and full body massage in the double massage room.
  • Pharaon Massage (50 min.)- is a traditional Egyptian massage with gentle stretching. The therapists are focused on painful and tired muscles.
  • Coffee and Chocolate experience- steam, sauna and coffee scrub stimulate lymph and blood circulation and water retention from the body. Chocolate face mask nourishes the skin.  Followed by 50 min. of full body massage.