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Lively . Hip . Vibrant: words you repeat while in Steigenberger Aqua Magic!

Lively . Hip . Vibrant: words you repeat while in Steigenberger Aqua Magic!

09 September 2018

Lively · Hip · Vibrant; words you repeat while in Steigenberger Aqua Magic!
At Steigenberger Aqua Magic, we are all at your service. Our team’s effort, dedication and enthusiasm stand out as excellent and the best-in-class.

And we can’t mention the great team of Steigenberger Aqua Magic without highlighting the star that brightens up your vacation: The Animation Crew. They will entertain all family members with tons of fun-filled activities and create the best atmosphere you and your family could wish for! The vibe and ambience they spark around is full of life and laughter. We receive a lot of positive comments and reviews that are dedicated to this lovely crew.

As you start your day, you will find them by the pool or beach right on time to surprise you with their entertaining shows. The list starts as follows: water polo, volleyball, club dance, pool parties, color festivals, water gym, shall we go on? They enjoy it as much as you do and they never fail to impress you with their countless activities!

It doesn’t really end here, by evening they are already prepared with different themed shows that everyone will fall in love with. Their daily live shows include piano, violin, guitar and saxophone performances. You will also find them at Elements, our American inspired spot and the nightlife landmark in Hurghada, they are pretty much everywhere to make sure everyone is on cloud nine! You might as well consider it a care-free vacation because the magical team is also going to captivate your little ones with a variety of entertainment programs.

Your dream vacation is guaranteed and here is some of the feedback we received from our guests about their experience with our friendly animation crew:

“Thanks to the animation team for making the holiday unforgettable, they were always in for a joke or just a small talk. I’ve been there for the second time and I will go back for sure!”

Melissa Bogaert


“I miss you guys and I can’t wait till I come and see you next year.”

Sherle Tedder


“A BIG shout out to the animation team, they kept my boys entertained all day and night.”

Natalie D.


“Our trip was super fun especially because of the animation team, they were all very friendly and you can tell that they put a lot of effort to make people smile!”

Megan R.


“We can’t wait to see you all again! And we will always be here to make you happy.”

Steigenberger Aqua Magic

Animation Team