Gourmet Market

The “Gourmet Market” is the main restaurant and offers 8 “farm – to- table”.

Pure Lounge

The "Pure Lounge", located in the lobby offers 24 hours beverages and snacks with hip seating spaces, perfect to socialize or simply relax.

Pure Chill Bar

The " Pure Chill Bar " is a top modern bar located next to the pool offering the guest refreshing drinks, light snacks and meals.

Alex Beach Club & Restaurant

“Alex Beach Club & Restaurant” is an ultra-stylish and hyper modern facility, playing non-stop music from the Pure Beats music channel and offering once a week an exclusive beach party.

Sushi Bar

A modern Japanese restaurant serving the freshest Sushi and Sashimi, prepared by our talented Sushi Master in an entertaining open kitchen.

Sumo House

Treat your palate to a fine selection of moist or dry Chinese noodles cooked to perfection.


Sit around our Teppanyaki table and watch our chefs skilfully show how they cook your food with a dash of fire.