Travel and Stay well at Steigenberger ALDAU Resort and enjoy your utmost maximum vacation
Download Covid19 Precautions

The three superior properties of Steigenberger ALDAU Resort are fully set up to the safety standards to ensure the best and the safest quality vacation as usual.

At arrival and check-in

  • All employees must wear gloves and masks at all time.
  • The floor in front of each desk at the hotel is marked with parted points to ensure social distancing at all times.
  • Guests are asked to clean their hands with a sanitizer bottle that is placed at the security check gate at the entrance of each property and at the front desks inside the lobby.
  • A transparent Plexi-glass separator is placed on all desks of security check gates, front desks, and bars to prevent interactions.

During your stay

  • A “precautions sheet” is placed at each desk inside the hotel, hung on walls beside the elevators, and on doors
    • Reminding our guests to maintain distance at all times
    • Wash hands regularly
    • Wear a mask as often as possible
    • Follow proper respiratory hygiene during sneezing or coughing
  • For constant guest reminders, an animated explanatory video that has been published by the ministry of health, is displayed in the lobby on several LCD TV screens about “ways to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus”

Have a delightful meal

  • The open buffet is served by our F&B team
  • The high chairs at the lobby bars have been reduced to a minimum plus transparent plastic separators on bars to maintain distance between baristas and guests.

Now enjoy your vacation

  • The amount of tables and chairs by the pool and the beach have been reduced to a minimum capacity and distributed with sufficient spacing between them to keep a safe distance between guests.
  • We are enhancing our cleaning procedures. And we have also increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces such as lobby bars, table, and desks, surfaces in guest rooms, etc.
  • Our staff is continuously trained to ensure that everybody is following the requested health and safety measures.