Algotherm Thalasso & Spa

Far from the busy rhythms of life, a welcoming hideaway awaits you at Steigenberger ALDAU Beach Hotel in the Red Sea. A place where you can indulge in absolute serenity and rejuvenate your senses. This is Algotherm Thalasso & Spa.


Thai Massage 
Thai massage is an interactive manipulation using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines to improve flexibility, stimulate internal organs and balance the body`s energy system.

Aromatherapy * 
Aromatherapy uses essential oils for curative and rejuvenating effects. This therapy reduces stress and tension, refreshes and invigorates the body, soothes emotions, and clears the mind.

Custom Massage * 
Our therapists can combine several massage treatments to guarantee your overall feeling of wellbeing. Custom made treatments can focus on parts of the body or the whole body.
Egyptian Herbal Stamp 

This stamp massage combines strong, long strokes using Egyptian chamomile and mint herbs. The mixture of hot oil and scented stamps improves blood circulation and makes you feel completely relaxed.

Foot and Leg Massage *
This treatment leaves your whole body balanced and relaxed and is based on the ancient theory that meridian lines carry energy from reflex points on the feet throughout the body.

Anti-Stress Massage *
This massage relieves soreness and stress-related tension. A totally relaxing massage.

Anti-Cellulite Massage *
The purpose of this massage is to slow down or remove the fat layer. The technique is performed in an alert rhythm and movements are stronger than in other massages.

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth heated basal stone rocks are swept over key areas of the body with aromatic oils melting away stress and tension. Additional benefits include detoxification and improved circulation.

Adam & Eve Massage
Designed for couples, this massage performed by two therapists will allow couples to enjoy time together in a couples massage room. With a special blend of aroma oils it reduce stress, invigorates the body and soothes emotions.
 * available on the beach


ALDAU Nature Scrubs
Natural ingredients (coffee, coconut and orange) are gently applied to the body buffing away aging skin cells, while enhancing blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Red Sea Mud Wrap
Red Sea mud improves skin texture and removes impurities that damage and weaken skin tissues. After applying the mud, the body is wrapped for 15-20 minutes, whilst receiving a scalp and facial massage.

After Sun Treatment
The magic of aloe vera helps to treat sunburns and relieve soreness. This body treatment contains aloectin b, an immune system stimulant that penetrates all three layers skin leaving it completely moisturized.

Vichy Shower
The body is brushed to exfoliate and increase blood circulation. In a final step, hot pressurized water massages the body, leaving it detoxified and relaxed.

Vichy Deluxe
A combination of a Vichy Shower and an Anti-Stress full body massage. An intense 80 minutes that leaves your body relaxed and your skin completely soothed and clean. 

Warm Red Sea Herbal Bath
This healing treatment uses warm sea water and your choice of invigorating herbs and oils to loosen sore muscles and cleanse skin impurities. 

Traditional Egyptian Hammam
A traditional cleaning ritual with loofah, a cloud of essential foam, followed by a relaxing back massage.

Massage with Herbal Bath
To loosen sore muscles and overall body pain; a soothing full body massage with your favorite oil blend is followed by a herbal bath. This treatment is complimented with a gentle head massage.

Honey Facial 

This skin enhancing classic facial, designed to be tailor made for your individual skin needs, ensures effective and visible results.

 Marine Facial
The therapist will cleanse and hydrate the skin while designing a facial that caters to the unique qualities of your skin. A special Algae mask will detox and re-mineralize your skin for a glowing and fresh result.
All our facials are unisex

Operating Hours are from 9:00 hrs till 21:00 hrs
To ensure that your preferred treatment or therapist is available, we invite you to schedule your appointments in advance. Walk-in bookings are always welcome, and will be accommodated based on availability. Please note that there will be an additional charge for our new guests or non-hotel residents. Service charge and Taxes are included in all prices. You can contact the spa directly at extension 6260.

Late Arrival and Cancelations
Arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of your treatment, with full charges applied. Please notify the spa 3 hours in advance. Missed appointments without proper notice are subject to a 50% charge for reserved services. The same applies for no-shows.

Spa Environment
Our guests must be at least 16 years of age.
For your peace and privacy, phones and other electronic devices are not permitted.

Spa Attire
A brief shower just before your massage or treatment washes off any salts, minerals or chemicals that could clog pores when mixed with oils or other treatments. Communication with your therapist should be a free and open dialogue. Prior to the start of your service, please tell your therapist the areas you would like to focus on and any areas to be avoided. During your service please let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort. Throughout your service your body will be draped with a towel, and will at no time be completely exposed. To fully experience our facilities, please bring a bathing suit and slippers. Towels will be provided.

Spa Facilities
A heated salt water whirlpool, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, relaxation room, female only area with steam room and a 24 hours gym.