Visit. Have fun. Repeat.

Visit. Have fun. Repeat.

Harnessing the Power of Repeat Business: A Hotel's Secret to Success

In the hospitality industry, all of the returning customers who demonstrate their love and loyalty to a hotel by choosing it without hesitation, leaving glowing reviews, recommending it to all of their friends and acquaintances, and talking about it to everyone else are referred to as “Repeaters”. Repeat business is vital to the travel sector, especially to hotels. Studies have indicated that a majority of any business income originates from content consumers who consistently select the same brand. Furthermore, a recent study conducted on spa hotels discovered that over 75% of all visitors were repeat guests.

Since delighted repeat visitors can influence new customers more effectively than any advertising campaign, repeaters can become powerful advocates for any hotel. Their endorsements and reviews have the power to improve any hotel's standing, draw in more business, and raise occupancy rates even higher. According to consumer insight company, Nielson, 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all advertising.

Repeaters Rejoice: Unlocking Exclusive Offers and Upgrades

Let's now turn to the repeaters' side and demonstrate the advantages of belonging to them. Repeaters are more likely to use the hotel restaurant, feel secure in the quality of the food provided via room service, and use any other paid amenities. Additionally, they frequently receive preferential treatment in the form of upgrades, complimentary appetizers with dinner, or exclusive offers from the hotel's restaurants and spas. The best part is that the hotel goes above and beyond for repeat guests, so you frequently receive these benefits without having to ask.