Have a Healthy Vacation and a “Pure Lifestyle”

Traveling requires preparation beyond packing and planning a good itinerary, we ought to consider our physical health. But this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying a marvelous vacation by the sea at Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle.

Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle is an adult-only, 5-star boutique hotel that thrives on creating a utopia for travelers who seek serenity, modernity, and simplicity. Guests check in to relish a Mykonos-like vacation in the beautiful heart of Hurghada.

Here are a few tips to stay strong and healthy without changing your plans, and enjoy the trip that you’ve been looking forward to

1. Abundant sleep with a light tummy

Did you know that people who sleep less than 6 hours per day are more likely to get sick? Your sleeping pattern has a high effect on the strength of your immunity.

So make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep. Yes, this one hour can make a huge difference.

Try to keep a consistent sleeping schedule, go to bed at a reasonable time at night and wake up early even on weekends.

Enjoy a profound sleep that you will fall deep into, as you lay your body on the cozy Norwegian mattress and the luxurious white linens of the dreamy beds of Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle.

As difficult as this is for many people, but try to avoid screens and electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. These blue screens increase your alertness, and overtime, it can cause a significant deficiency in your sleep.

Sleep light, sleep tight.

Choose from a wide variety of healthy and light dinner-options at any of the 7 restaurants and international cuisines at Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle.

Avoid caffeine before bed. Many adults are used to having a cup of coffee or tea right before they go to bed and that is just crazy! Having caffeinated beverages near your bedtime is going to deprive you of the deep sleep that your body needs. It will keep you alert no matter how much you think it doesn’t.

Save your cup of coffee for a magical morning espresso with your own machine in your suite. And enjoy the same richness in a decaffeinated cup of coffee in the evening, or order a fresh juice at the lobby bar.